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What is Lobal Card?

LobalCard is a prepaid debit card which enables travelers to pay in TRY in Turkey, save hundreds of Euros / Dollars on conversion fees and foreign transaction fees and keep their money secure.

How does the magic work?

All card payment companies charge around 2-3% of transaction amount each time you pay in a foreign currency and some card issuers charge an extra 2-3% as foreign transaction fees when you use your card in an international trip. a traveler can save 100 EUR/USD per 1000 EUR/USD of purchase by using a LobalCard instead of a normal debit or credit card.

Our affiliate program

We keep it simple. We charge a fixed issuance fee for a LobalCard and we offer our affiliates minimum of 20% of per card sold through them. We use world class tracking and affiliate management software to provide maximum transparency. You’ll have your own dedicated link and you can see how many cards are sold, how much you’ve earned and your payments in your dashboard.

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